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CU Women in Computing (CUWIC) is the ACM-W chapter within the Computer Science Department at the University of Colorado at Boulder that is dedicated to supporting women and diversity in computing.

We encourage interaction from all who are interested in issues regarding women and diversity in computing to create a forum in which to share information about career, academic, and social opportunities.



Lauren Mitchell


Lauren worked at Qualcomm on this past summer. She is passionate about STEM education and teaches middle school coding classes. She also enjoys hiking, running, and fashion.


Kelsey Dowd


Kelsey is a 4th year Computer Science student. This past summer she worked at Zayo as a Salesforce Developer Intern. She is really passionate about social justice and creating engaging communities with people of all backgrounds. She is interested in traveling after she graduates and working for a company outside of Colorado. In her free time, she loves to play League of Legends, take ballet and jazz class, and go snowboarding!


Christine Samson


Christine is double-majoring in Pre-Med. She interns at Medtronic and is interested in the field of biomedical engineering. She loves playing sports and the piano.


Emma Montross

Event Coordinator

Emma is a senior majoring in Computer Science (B.S.) and currently works for LogRhythm. When she's not coding, you can find her swimming, hammocking, hiking, and reading.


McKenzie Weller


McKenzie is a CS major with a minor in TAM. She's interested in design and creative computing and works in a computational social science lab at CU.


Francesca Figueroa

Web Presence

Francesca is a third year student in computer science. She works for the university libraries. She is interested in database systems. In her free time she can be found making music or hanging out with her schnauzer.


Catherine Diaz

Web Presence

Catherine works at IRON Lab on campus doing augmented reality research. She's interested in how we can use augmented & virtual reality as a learning tool.


Jenny Michael


Jenny just completed an internship with Return Path, an email data solution provider. She's interested in back-end web development and big data.


Amber Womack

SLC Rep (Grad Rep)

Amber is a CS MS student with her undergrad in Nursing. She works as a TA for the school and is passionate about learning to code, being outdoors, and teaching.


Brooke Robinson

Coffee Hour

Brooke focuses on human-centered computing. She's active in ROTC, works as an Engineering Ambassador, and kicks butt in Taekwondo. She also loves her dog, Bacon.


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